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Catch of the day

We offer different daily dishes and a menu to choose from

From the stock pot

Good homemade soups …

Meat dishes

“Wiener Schnitzel”, Cordon Bleu, chicken fillet and much more …

Vegetarian dishes

For example, you can taste our vegetable palatschinken (pancakes) …


Light and delicious – our salads. Try the salad variation “Dachsteinblick” or the Styrian backhendl salad …


They are not only popular for children – our pizzas

In the meantime a snack

Also for a snack the Gasthof Dachsteinblick is a beautiful place.

And finally a dessert

In addition to pancakes and ice cream, you can also enjoy our delicious homemade pastries.

Menu Gasthof Dachsteinblick

Dear guests,

our hot food is served from 11:30 a.m. to 2 p.m. and in the evening from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m. On Tuesdays and Wednesdays our guesthouse is closed.

The Gasthof-Dachsteinblick-Team would like to wish you all the best

From the stock pot

Beef broth with butter drops

€ 3,50

Beef broth with minced-meat-strudel

€ 4,20

Beef broth with sliced pancakes

€ 3,80

Goulash soup with roll

€ 4,80

Meat dishes

Fillet of pork with gorgonzola-sauce, potatoe croquettes
and vegetables

€ 16,20

Panfried-breaded escalope of pork with, potatoes

€ 13,20

Cordon Bleu with French fries

€ 14,00

Panfried-breaded fillet of chicken with rice

€ 12,90

Panfried-breaded (with pumpkin seeds and cheese)
escalope of turkey with rice and vegetables

€ 16,30

Vegetarian dishes

Spinach dumplings with mixed salad

€ 12,30


Pancakes stuffed with vegetables with herb dip and
lettuce with cranberry-vinaigrette

€ 12,30


Saladvariation „Dachsteinblick“
fried potatoes, bacon, sheep cheese, croûtons

€ 12,50

Salad plate with panfried slices of turkey
and herb dressing

€ 12,90

Styrian chicken salad

€ 13,90



Pizza Margeritha

€ 8,60

Pizza Hawaii

€ 9,00

House pizza

€ 9,00

Pizza Salami

€ 9,00

Pizza Tuna

€ 9,10

Side-Salads and condiments

Mixed Salad

€ 4,50


€ 3,90

Ketchup, Mayonnaise, Cranberry jam

€ 0,90

Pumpkin seed oil

€ 1,30


„Brettljause“ – Hearty cold plate with bread

€ 8,90

Bread with bacon

€ 4,90

Bread with cheese

€ 4,90

Well-topped bread with sausages

€ 4,90

Sausage with vinegar-vinaigrette

€ 8,60

„Frankfurter“ with mustard, horseradish and roll

€ 5,20

„Käsekrainer“ with mustard, horseradish
and bread (hot sausage filled with cheese)

€ 7,90

Ham and cheese toast

€ 6,10

Pastry by piece

                  € 1,50


„Kaiserschmarrn“ – cut-up and sugared pancake
with stewed plums
please note a waiting time from about 30 minutes
not available at Sundays and holidays

€ 10,50

2 pancakes filled with abricot jam

€ 6,00

Pancakes filled with vanilla ice cream
and chocolate sauce

€ 7,30

Daily, we also offer homemade pastries.

These can be read from our handwritten panels.