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From Pürgg to Gasthof Dachsteinblick



From the center of Pürgg, the „Styrian Kripperl“, go about 50m to the west. Then turn right (north). After a further 50m turn left at the fork Himmelsleiter / Thaler and follow the slightly ascending, marked road 289 to the farmstead Wischberger.

Immediately behind the farmstead Wischberger it goes over meadows rather steeply uphill – on the trail 289.

Finally, the trail – now not quite so steep – leads through the high forest with rocky terrain past the memorial cross of the well-known Pürgger Alpinist Toni Adam to the heavenly ladder. Continue to the Schröfl hut.

Follow the flat forest trail 289 to the crossroads at the Fiedler Moos. Here, the hiking trails to Brandanger-Rieb, the Brandanger Höhenweg, the Gasthof Dachsteinblick / Großes Gindlhorn. Follow the path to the Dachsteinblick. From here you can continue to the Great Gindlhorn at 1,259 m above sea level.


Way Back:

Take the marked trail 289 in the direction of the north-west – slightly falling through the Hochwald to Gasthof Dachsteinblick.

Via the Kirchweg – also known as Marterlweg * – you will return to the starting point Pürgg.

Alternatively, you can go from the Aussichtsgasthof Dachsteinblick over the farms Gindl and Poserer in the direction of Lessern. Above the Salzkammergut-Bahn line, follow the marked routes 294 and 278 to Pürgg. Or you can use the marked trail 784 at Poserer farm, follow the southeast to the 6th Marterl and continue along the Kirchweg to Pürgg.



It is a very nice circular route with magnificent viewpoints. You can find a stop at the Gasthof Dachsteinblick in Pürgg. You get a good view to the Niederen Tauern, the Grimming, the Dachstein and the Dead Mountain. The special feature is the so-called Kirchweg from Wörschachwald to Pürgg. When there were no roads and cars in the healing world of Wörschachwald, the dead had to be carried to the cemetery in Pürgg. For the change of the Sargträger fixed places were fixed, in each case one of the 6 Marterl on the Kirchweg.

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