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Tour Dachsteinblick Bike and Hike with bicycle battery charging station

Bike and Hike Tour Dachsteinblick

With the Aussichtsgasthof Dachsteinblick there is a good base for various walks and bike rides – even with restauration and overnight accommodation. Here are also three universal bicycle battery charging stations from Bosch.

Exciting tour of Grimming-Donnersbach Valley:

The tour begins at the end of Aignerstraße (direction Trautenfels) in Irdning. From here, the cycle path leads first without slope, slightly downhill to Schlattham.

In Schlattham turn left towards Sallaberg / Kulm. They circle the Sallaberg on a gentle slope and subsequent downhill passes. Follow the narrow asphalt road to Enns. There you turn right on a flat gravel road. Once you have crossed the Landesstraße to Wörschach, turn left. Along the Landesstraße along Maitschern you will reach Wörschach. There you cross the federal road and turn left sharply. Follow the federal road until you come across a bridge that crosses the road. Turn right here on the Aicherlsteinweg.

For a while the path is still asphalted. However, it quickly changes to a forest road and leads about 10 km with a slight gradient over the Spechtensee to Wörschachwald. In the village of Wörschachwald turn left at the small church and follow the signs „Gasthof Dachsteinblick“ until the end of the street. Here you can „refuel“ your bike and yourself.

Whoever can make a detour to Gindlhoernl from here. Over a well signposted trail it is reached in about 15 minutes.

For the return journey, use the road back to the chapel. Turn left and go downhill to Klachau. There you take the underpass under the federal road, then continue via Klachau and Girtstatt along the road, about 6 km to Untergrimming. From here, take the cycle path along the federal road to the Trautenfels Castle. Turn left at Fischteichen, past the Fischstüberl, then continue on the Glattjoch-Bundesstraße to the railway crossing. Change to the asphalted cycle path to Irdning.


Of course, you can also start this tour from the Aussichtsgasthof Dachsteinblick  …

You can also find more information about this tour, for example [] und [Bergfex].

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